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Managed IT Support

We can help clients improve productivity, set predictable controlled costs, and reduce the impact of infrastructure challenges on daily operations. We can focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.

Cyber Security Services

Experience a 24×7 cyber security operations center that puts state-of-the-art threat intelligence behind your digital assets to detect attacks against critical assets before it leads to a data breach.

Cloud Services

Maximise and support the cloud to drive revenue and growth through impeccable automation, desktop visualisation, backup, and disaster recovery in public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Office 365 Services

Our Office 365 managed services can help maintain the sustainable operation of Office 365 solutions. I.T. how to managed services also covers the user help desk, administration of the Office 365 ecosystem, Office 365 implementation or evolution, including customization, integration, and migration.

Teams VOIP Services

Reduce cost and increase your communication’s effectiveness through Teams VOIP services.

Be able to answer all calls and easily route them to the right queues with defined custom settings and more.

Business Continuity

Let our business continuity consulting and management services help you minimise your company’s level of risk and increase your resiliency.

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Our Commitment

We’re a team of dedicated and committed technology experts addressing almost every aspect of IT, serving clients across multiple industry verticals around Australia.

Our approach and services are always strategically focused on furthering your business goals.


Our Approach

With professional global experience and proven success across industries, we can do more than just unburden your IT team so they can drive new business value, innovate, and collaborate across departments. As your strategic partner for your organisation’s S.M.A.R.T. goals, we’ll help achieve your business goals with our proactive approach, deep expertise, and dedication to your success.


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Why our clients love I.T. how to solutions

Precision Plumbing heating and cooling

Usually, when I call for tech support from I.T How To, it’s urgent and I’m stressed out. Problems like; emails are down, I can’t open outlook, my computers are losing their mind, all of which means I can’t run my business. These guys are always quick to respond and to wave their magic wands. They completely understand my urgency

AK Pipeworks

I will admit – originally the thought of outsourcing scared the hell out of me. As a business owner, I am used to control and always having my finger on the pulse of my employees, contractors and IT needs.

IT How To has delivered great results and has convinced me of the value of outsourcing. The relationship started on a positive note by Shane giving me a complete overview of my current services and breaking it down for me to understand the importance of their services, as my business grew from 4 employees to over 30 Shane and the team not only help ensure this was as seamless as possible but supported me every step of the way. Shane and the team have now helped me expand and start up multiple businesses.

I have really enjoyed working with Shane and the Team, they are great team players and can really deliver outstanding results. I would highly recommend IT How TO.


Trustworthy, friendly, and quick response times are what I appreciate about the services I get from I.T How To.

 ‘IT How To has been amazing for our business, making the trouble-free switch to ensure all our staff are working on the one program/platform.  Helping to troubleshoot uploading of footage to one space and supporting the team when issues do arise.  The support team are great with a quick response time.  I couldn’t recommend them enough.

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