NDIS Support Providers: Is Cyber Attack an Issue for You?

NDIS Support Providers: Is Cyber Attack an Issue for You?

We prevent fines of up to $50,000,000 for growing NDIS support providers, by Protect participant data and information from cyber attacks, in 10 mins without you lifting a finger or you don’t pay.

So how does this work?

  • You’ll want or need to have Office 365 or Google with logins.
  • We’ll log in and audit your system with AI to see the best way to lock it down.
  • Within 10 mins you’ll be underway and by 48 hours everything is secure.

All of this happens without you lifting a finger.



We’ve Cyber protected business for 18 years now across all types of industries including NDIS support providers like.

A Place of Calm logo

A Place of Calm

The Team at “I.T. how to” have secured our system fast and without us lifting a finger.

We are feeling so much more secure for all our NDIS participants’ Data.

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Nexus Advantage

We have worked closely with IT How To since 2022. They have been very helpful in supporting our young growing business.

Very approachable, and super responsive. Highly recommended.

From unsecured to losing participant data to being secured in 10mins and fully secured in 48 hours.

Cyber security for NDIS support providers against cyber attack

So if you are worried about cyber security want to protect your participant data and your business we have a special offer for you.

Right now you can take a free assessment normally worth $997 to scan your whole systems we AI and gives you feedback on possible breaches that you have right now.

It will itemise who in your team is causing possible breaches, etc.

Doing this audit will accelerate your progress to being cyber secure.

To take the audit right now enter your details for our team to contact you.

And here’s what will happen.

We’ll call you

Identify ourselves and ask for access

We set the audit in motion

This will all be done in 10 mins

To make that happen fill in the form now.